What can I do to save our kauri forests?

Without any treatment or control tools, the only way we can save our kauri forests is to contain the disease in its current locations and stop the spread into healthy areas

Ian cleaning

When you are around kauri:

  • Make sure shoes, tyres and equipment are cleaned to remove all visible soil and plant material before AND after visiting kauri forest
  • Please use cleaning stations installed on major tracks: scrub to remove all soil and spray with disinfectant.
  • Stay on the track and off kauri roots
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times.

We all can help - tourists, hunters, trappers, trampers, runners, bikers, walkers. We all need to make it happen, rather than hope 'someone else' will do it.

Read more here on how to stop the spread (170.6 KB PDF).


What should I do if I have kauri on my land?

  • Do not walk on kauri tree roots or compact soil around them. Keep dogs and animals away from kauri trees.
  • Download this warning sign and put it up to alert visitors to the dangers of spreading the disease. This can be laminated to make it more durable, or for a more permanent sign please contact the Kauri Dieback Hotline on 0800 NZ KAURI (69 52874).
  • If you think your trees have symptoms of kauri dieback contact the Kauri Dieback Hotline on 0800 NZ KAURI (69 52874).
  • Fence off kauri in rural situations to prevent damage and disease spread by stock. You may be eligible for grants to help with fencing stock away from native bush.

How can I spread the word?

Download a banner or button from our website to upload to your website.