How I can help save kauri

In general, you should always:

1: Clean all soil off your footwear and other gear, every time you enter or leave a forest/area with native trees, and at every cleaning station.

2: Use disinfectant only after you have removed all the soil.

Stay on track and off kauri roots. A kauri’s roots can grow outwards 3x as far as its branches.

Infected trees may not show it – never assume anywhere is free of kauri dieback. If you’re in native bush and you’re in the upper North Island, it’s likely you’ll be near kauri.

Spread the word within your networks on how to stop kauri dieback.

Kauri are one of Aotearoa's unique taonga. But kauri dieback is threatening kauri with extinction. There is no cure for kauri dieback, and it can be spread by just a pinhead of soil. But kauri will be saved – by people like you.

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